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Bumper Stickers

  • $23.00

Available in Glossy or Matte finish. Please specify in cart notes.

Why not take advantage of traffic jams and make bumper stickers for your car with your business logo or personal expression? Get creative with bumper stickers and all sorts of messaging possibilities. Make bumper stickers of your logo, your favorite charity, your lifestyle, or to lighten up the day for drivers around you with funny bumper stickers.
Another great way to advertise your company is to make a bumper sticker of your company’s twitter page handle for an easy way for people to remember and check out your company. You could give them to customers for free and offer a discount on their next visit if they put them on their car for extra advertising.
You don’t have to worry about them creasing as they are bubble free and will go on nice and smooth. Make rectangle or oval shaped stickers from like politics bumper stickers, funny, or religious bumper stickers, or get creative and make your own custom bumper stickers! If you dont know what to put as artwork for your bumper sticker give us a call and our designers will be more than happy to help you.

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